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Diamondhead Documentation creates customized help systems that are useful, clearly defined, and very effective for desktop applications (Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and Linux) and Web-based applications including .NET. 

These help systems run on any platform or browser, plus we can single source help to printed documentation or vice versa, from a single project.

Our help systems include standard and advanced help features, including a table of contents, index, glossary, search, graphics, special effects, multimedia, and more.

We can develop the following types of help systems:

Microsoft HTML Help.


Classic RTF WinHelp.

Oracle Help.



What's This Help.

WebHelp Pro.

Context Sensitive

Diamondhead Documentation creates customized, context-sensitive help systems that can be mapped to software applications or as stand-alone systems. Our Information Developers can develop the unique Map IDs or your software developers can provide them to us. Either way, we can make that <F1> help spring to life.

Conditional Text

Our Information Developers use conditional text to generate multiple outputs containing different content, all from a single project. We can assign conditional text at the topic, paragraph, and character levels including graphics and tables. This means one project can generate multiple types of outputs to customize help for each of your customers or products. 


On-line help has historically been very boring. Now, we can develop that is actually fun to use. Help can have all the bells and whistles just like the Web. Multimedia and other special effect take your help system to the next level.

Tutorials & Demos

Use your help system to the fullest. Let Diamondhead Documentation incorporate tutorials and demonstrations into your help system. This allows users to learn your application based on your desires and not through trial and error.

Audio & Video

Audio and video can also be incorporated into your help systems. We can develop multi-media clips or screen capture videos to assist your users.

Local, Server, & Web

It does not matter where or how you want your help system. Diamondhead Documentation has the capability to develop on-line help systems for stand-alone systems, local desktop applications, server applications, and applications housed on the Internet or on your intranet.

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