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Documentation & User Manuals

Effective information solutions can only be achieved through the use of excellent writing, design, development, and editing skills. Diamondhead Documentation develops concise, readable technical documents of all types. Our Information Developers document a full range of manuals from first-time users of a system to programming manuals for high-level individuals including:

Hardware and software user manuals.

End-user, system, and administrative guides.

Installation and maintenance manuals.

Quick reference guides.

Research documents and white papers.

Flow charts / mapping.

Technical support documents.

Corporate communications.

Desktop publishing.

Multimedia presentations.

Developmental specifications.

Throughout the development process, our Information Developers focus on the target audience and analyze user tasks to ensure content that precisely meets user needs. Your product will continually be scrutinized and checked for accuracy. Through careful production, the end result of your product will be clear, concise, visually appealing, and accurate. We thrive on delivering products on time and under budget.

On June 1, 1998 President Clinton signed an Executive Memorandum stating that all Federal Agencies must rewrite all documentation in "plain language". Diamondhead Documentation, Inc. strives to write everything in plain language. We are the Plain Language Specialists. Allow us to help you rewrite your documentation to fit new Government regulations.

QA Test Scripts

Can any program or system every be perfect? It is a dream we all have. We provide a variety of services that deal with the evaluation of usability, redesign, quality assurance, and performance. Diamondhead Documentation is highly skilled at performing formal usability testing, QA, and interface design. A well designed, intuitive, easy to read interface will be well received by your customers.

Digital Catalogs

Do you need to keep your sales force or customers up-to-date with your current products or documentation? Let Diamondhead Documentation help. Diamondhead Documentation offers a complete range of on-line documentation services. 

Electronic distribution of documentation can save your company thousands of dollars a year. We can develop new documents, convert existing documents, and examine your documentation to help you integrate all necessary information into a global documentation strategy that will produce tangible benefits in all areas of your business. Diamondhead Documentation can take your large, complex documents and place them on your intranet, a CD-ROM, the Internet, or your network for easy electronic distribution.

Electronic distribution can provide:

Lower distribution costs.

Enhanced search and retrieval.

Navigational capabilities.

Easier documentation management.

Faster development cycles.

Ease in upgrading.

Detailed control management.

Grants & Proposals

Businesses are ever challenged by growth, downsizing, product development, governmental requirements, acquisitions, and technological changes. Acquiring contacts and clients is a very time consuming investment. Diamondhead Documentation can develop and produce grants and proposals to help ensure your company receives the necessary funding to remain healthy. Together, we can develop a comprehensive strategy for your Request for Proposals (RFPs) and grants.

Policies & Procedures

The bigger your company grows, the more important it becomes to have corporate policy and procedure manuals in place. Diamondhead Documentation is capable of creating project management solutions, procedures, policies, plans, and operating procedure guidelines from the ground up or we can take your existing documents and update them. Our team can also create your ISO9000 compliant documentation and can help you acquire certification.

Digital Business Cards

Would you like to take your marketing solutions to a new level? Diamondhead Documentation can produce miniature, interactive digital business cards that will take your marketing into the new century. Digital business cards can hold a plethora of helpful information and will certainly help increase your sales.

Network Infrastructure

Do you know how your network is configured? What happens if your network guru is out of the office and your servers go down? Or even just one machine? Diamondhead Documentation is highly skilled in developing network infrastructure documents and flow charts to ensure that you know how your network is configured and how to get it back up an running. 

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is no longer an option. It is pertinent that you safeguard your business and employees. From who to call in case of an emergency to all out evacuation plans, Diamondhead Documentation wants to help keep your company under control when disaster strikes. Our Information Developers cover a wide-range of disaster situations with critical recovery tactics. 

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